North Coast United Methodist Church Hosts Interfaith Shelter Network

NCUMC facility is honored and blessed to again have the opportunity to serve our community for 4 weeks in support of upcoming Interfaith Regional Revolving Shelter program alongside other participating churches.

The mission is .. to provide shelter and other resources to homeless individuals and families and to enable those we serve to move toward self-sufficiency. 
Church volunteers stay with the homeless day and all night shifts for two week periods  helping and providing support, homemade meals from our congregation, and even quarters for laundry, while job searches are made and people get back on their feet.

The video below was filmed at North Coast United Methodist Church

Interfaith Shelter Network Hosted at NCUMC

Laura Miller/Interfaith Shelter Network/Filmed at NCUMC
Tuesday July 18th 2017

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Serving Others

Our Vision is joined with The Interfaith Shelter Network.. to help eliminate homelessness in the urban communities of San Diego Country through a cooperative partnership with faith-based communities, related government programs and social service agencies. The Interfaith Shelter Network does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disabilities in hiring practice or provision of services.   

Podcast about The Interfaith Shelter Network here

Without a Home

Nicholas Stafford, Director ~ Nora Graves, Producer
Monday June 26th 2017

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Jun 26th, 2017
Without a Home