We are a community of faith comprised of great-grandparents, new grand-parents and younger parents with infants and tweens. We are a temporary home for military families and snowbirds. We continue to live in a period of transition. Our oldest member is 100 years of age, Our youngest attendee is one year of age. Many of our members are retired but, we are facing our realities with hope as we diligently find ways to best engage our human and financial resources for the sake of Christ for both today and in the future. Our spiritual gifts as a congregation are compassion and generosity. We are  committed to the work of caring for the homeless in our community.

You Belong

As we gather as a community to share and strengthen our faith, we open our hearts to the future of our congregation. We ask God to make us a blessing for others. For all who seek, God is found here.

The words below are a compilation of name tags we wrote for ourselves, using adjectives or descriptive words to describe who we are. Here's who we are today, What words would you use to describe yourself?